Take Me Home, Crosspicking Road

Hey guitarists! Check out my solo crosspicking guitar arrangement of the song by Danoff/Nivert/Denver Take Me Home, Country Roads: (tablature here)   I also made a version using “simplified crosspicking” in quarter notes for beginner players. TAB and video here. Ondra KozákI’m a musician and tutor who likes asking Why? and talking with clever people. … Read more

Fiddle tunes for fiddle, guitar, and mandolin

I’m a fan of fiddle tunes – old traditional instrumental tunes usually played on violin or other stringed instruments. I like to use them for practicing because they let me work on several things at the same time: rhythm, melody, scales, fingerings, and improvisation. They also broaden my repertoire of standards so I have new songs … Read more

Video bundle for fiddle players: Fiddle tunes in A

After I finished my guitar album Overtones, I’ve been focusing on fiddle quite a lot. Part of it is this new video bundle with 6 traditional fiddle tunes. It contains sheet music (melody, simple and advanced solo, intro, outro), video and guitar playalong tracks in two speeds for the following tunes: Cripple Creek, Cherokee Shuffle, … Read more

The story of Overtones – 12 Songs • 12 Vintage Guitars

The life of a freelance musician brings me long periods of work and short moments of relaxation and joy of achieving the goal. I am currently experiencing the second phase. The guitar album I’ve been preparing for the past year and a half has just been released. Its concept is described in the article published … Read more

Fire On The Mountain – flatpicking from a new perspective

The second week in October we went on tour with Ralph Schut to promote our new album Bits ‘n Pieces. On our way through Germany, we visited my friend who owns a unique collection of acoustic guitars. About a year ago, I decided to record a guitar album using these beauties. Next month I’m about to record the first … Read more

Life Hacks For Musicians

  Three types of musicians   The world is evolving fast and we as musicians can use the modern technologies to our benefit for sure. Some people refuse them and this approach is certainly good for not being distracted from playing. Others don’t mind being distracted and they love comparing parameters and watching video reviews … Read more

Killing Me Softly – another song for my new album

I’m about to record the first part of songs for my upcoming album later this year in Germany. It will present a unique collection of pre-war acoustic guitars I wrote about in this article. Part of the prepared material (solo flatpicking acoustic guitar covers) can be already heard on my music videos page. I started working on … Read more

Walk On Boy – tribute to Doc Watson

Doc Watson is one of the most distinguished guitarists of all times. He’s admired for both his flatpicking and fingerpicking abilities but also as a singer and author. You’ll find almost 1100 recordings in his Allmusic discography! He also arranged a lot of traditional and covers songs in a unique way. In my version of the song … Read more