Lluís Gómez – Dotze temps

A new album by Lluís Gómez on which I play guitar, violin and sing is coming out. Also playing and singing on it are the great Raphaël Maillet, Maribel Rivero, Carol Durán Moreno, Sicus Carbonell Gimenez, Frank Solivan and Nat Torkington. Apart from mixing the album, I managed to sneak in one fiddle+banjo instrumental of … Read more

New Aliquot – Keep Going

Today we are releasing our new album Keep Going We are happy about how far we have moved in terms of sound and repertoire within bluegrass and acoustic music in general, but most importantly, we still perceive music in a similar way. We’ve been doing it together in different formations for 23 years! This made … Read more

Eastern Grass – new album with Radim Zenkl

  We made our first record for you! This collection features our own compositions, along with a few covers and traditional songs from both sides of the Atlantic, all with distinctive arrangements. We’ve used typical bluegrass instruments, plus a few others, played in the style that has influenced us the most—bluegrass—while weaving in influences from … Read more

Virtual Band – I ❤️ WESTERN SWING

We are long time friends with Peter Mečiar who helps me with our bluegrass workshops and with the program “Monthly Challenge“. We both also love Western swing. “Make a western swing record with Mečiar” has been on my Plans&Dreams list for a while. I love pedal steel guitar and Peter plays it so great! He … Read more

TEASER from “Overtones – 12 Songs & 12 Vintage Guitars”

You can suggest the title for this song until the end of May 2019 if you decide to crowdfund this project. All the rewards you can get for your support can be found at https://ondrakozak.com/en/overtones. Some of them are available exclusively through the crowdfunding campaign like the video documentary from behind the scenes (excerpts in … Read more