Article and interview in Bluegrass Today

In the “Bluegrass Beyond Borders” column of Bluegrass Today, Lee Zimmerman writes about my recent projects and gets my answers to his questions. Here’s his article Bluegrass Beyond Borders: Ondra Kozák makes his strings sing. Ondra KozákI’m a musician and tutor who likes asking Why? and talking with clever people. Sometimes I write something. You … Read more

Overtones reviewed in British Bluegrass News and Akustik Gitarre

Brian Dowdall and Andreas Schulz write about my project Overtones in British Bluegrass News and German journal Akustik Gitarre, respectively.   Ondra KozákI’m a musician and tutor who likes asking Why? and talking with clever people. Sometimes I write something. You can learn about what I’m doing now here or from occasional e-mails (subscribe). Ondra … Read more

The story of Overtones – 12 Songs • 12 Vintage Guitars

The life of a freelance musician brings me long periods of work and short moments of relaxation and joy of achieving the goal. I am currently experiencing the second phase. The guitar album I’ve been preparing for the past year and a half has just been released. Its concept is described in the article published … Read more

TEASER from “Overtones – 12 Songs & 12 Vintage Guitars”

You can suggest the title for this song until the end of May 2019 if you decide to crowdfund this project. All the rewards you can get for your support can be found at Some of them are available exclusively through the crowdfunding campaign like the video documentary from behind the scenes (excerpts in … Read more

My November 2018

I’ve heard that November is a good month for musicians. I certainly enjoyed it. Here are a few videos and photos from it.   1st bluegrass workshop in South Bohemia I organized the first bluegrass workshop in South Bohemia. Ralph Schut helped me a lot with teaching. 30 people attended this event and we’re about to … Read more

Fire On The Mountain – flatpicking from a new perspective

The second week in October we went on tour with Ralph Schut to promote our new album Bits ‘n Pieces. On our way through Germany, we visited my friend who owns a unique collection of acoustic guitars. About a year ago, I decided to record a guitar album using these beauties. Next month I’m about to record the first … Read more

Killing Me Softly – another song for my new album

I’m about to record the first part of songs for my upcoming album later this year in Germany. It will present a unique collection of pre-war acoustic guitars I wrote about in this article. Part of the prepared material (solo flatpicking acoustic guitar covers) can be already heard on my music videos page. I started working on … Read more