Fire On The Mountain – flatpicking from a new perspective

The second week in October we went on tour with Ralph Schut to promote our new album Bits ‘n Pieces. On our way through Germany, we visited my friend who owns a unique collection of acoustic guitars. About a year ago, I decided to record a guitar album using these beauties. Next month I’m about to record the first half of it. I’m planning to release it with a nice booklet and a book with tabulatures for all songs. If you’re interested, sing up for music news and I’ll let you know when the album is out.

Probably the fastest tune on the album will be the well-known fiddle tune Fire On The Mountain (you can’t really play it slowly as the title suggests). I was curious about how the flatpicking looks from inside the guitar. And since I have a special hole in my new guitar, I was able to shoot a video from an unusual angle using a mobile phone. If you play guitar and want a tabulature for my version of this tune, let me know.


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