Fiddle tunes for fiddle, guitar, and mandolin

I’m a fan of fiddle tunes – old traditional instrumental tunes usually played on violin or other stringed instruments. I like to use them for practicing because they let me work on several things at the same time: rhythm, melody, scales, fingerings, and improvisation. They also broaden my repertoire of standards so I have new songs to play with other people.

If you play guitar, mandolin or fiddle and like the idea of learning some (new) fiddle tunes, I have something for you. I wrote down easy and intermediate versions of several fiddle tunes in TAB/sheet music, filmed them in slow and medium tempo and recorded a guitar playalong tracks for them. These materials are available for purchase from ATAmusic website as video bundles for guitar, mandolin, and fiddle.



Guitar – Videopack, Vol. 1

Guitar – Videopack, Vol. 2

Guitar – Videopack, Vol. 3

Guitar – Videopack, Vol. 4

Guitar – Videopack, Vol. 5


Mandolin – Videopack, Vol. 1

Mandolin – Videopack, Vol. 2

Mandolin – Videopack, Vol. 3

Mandolin – Videopack, Vol. 4




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