Lluís Gómez – Dotze temps

A new album by Lluís Gómez on which I play guitar, violin and sing is coming out. Also playing and singing on it are the great Raphaël Maillet, Maribel Rivero, Carol Durán Moreno, Sicus Carbonell Gimenez, Frank Solivan and Nat Torkington. Apart from mixing the album, I managed to sneak in one fiddle+banjo instrumental of my own, and especially Zrádný banjo, which I hope will also please all lovers of Czech polka and hopefully won’t irritate Spanish speakers too much…


Listen on your favourite streaming platform, more information about the album can be found here.


By the way, with Lluís Gómez Bluegrass Quartet we will play stuff from the album this year at Bluegrass in La Roche in France and Trafaria Bluegrass in Portugal, where I invite everyone!

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