If you play bluegrass, country, folk or another similar acoustic genre and you would like to improve your skills, I am here to help you.


Since 2004, I’ve taught at tens of workshops, recorded many instructional videos and written hundreds of tablatures. Most of my teaching activities are concentrated at the ATAmusic online music workshop website. Currently, I offer teaching in the form of:


ATAmusic bluegrass workshops

Seven distinct workshops focused on all bluegrass instruments, singing, vocal harmonies and playing in a band. The program consists of individual lessons, group lessons (in Czech!), playing in a group, jam sessions and concerts. More info here. I also do smaller local or private band workshops. Let me know if you’d like to organize one for your friends or band.


Instructional videos

You can polish your technique and repertoire at home with downloadable instructional video lessons. They contain video + TAB, some of them also come with a playalong tracks. They are available for guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and dobro. Check out teasers and free videos at ATAmusic YouTube channel.



Ondra did by now two private bluegrass workshops over a weekend with two bands in my home in Ehingen, South Germany. The preparation and realization of the courses were done very well. In advance, we arranged which songs and main points we want to work on. He sent us the workshop material beforehand so we had time to practise the stuff prior to the workshop. Because Ondra is so sympathetic and always so encouraging, we did the workshops in an constant jolly and relaxed mood. We especially worked on harmony singing, song arrangement and improvement of the bluegrass rhythm. In each point he was a brilliant teacher with a lot of great new ideas. He speaks perfect English and has a basic knowledge of the German language as well, so the communication was no problem at all. After those workshops we separated as friends and will certainly meet again on one of his concerts in the South of Germany or on a new workshop.

Engelbert Häbe, Ehingen, Germany

I would especially like to highlight Ondra‘s thorough preparation of the course. He really cared about preparing the study materials properly. He also has a natural pedagogical talent so the theory has been very easy to understand. We have dealt with very specific problems related to playing country music (especially in the field of harmony). The greatest benefit – playing with the right hand and creating own solos.

Zdeněk Tejkl, Czech Republic
participant of the violin workshop „Jesenický Shuffle“