My November 2018

I’ve heard that November is a good month for musicians. I certainly enjoyed it. Here are a few videos and photos from it.


1st bluegrass workshop in South Bohemia

I organized the first bluegrass workshop in South Bohemia. Ralph Schut helped me a lot with teaching. 30 people attended this event and we’re about to make this happen again in 2019.


Recording a CD of the Slovak bluegrass band Tieň

Besides recording my own music, I work on other projects in my studio too. We tracked all instrumental parts for the new CD of the Slovak bluegrass band Tieň in November. I also did a few photos of them.


Bluegrass Vegas

The last workshop I organized this year was the Bluegrass Vegas workshop for people who’d like to play better in a band. My fellow tutors were Vítek Hanulík and Lee Bidgood and we played a few songs with Ondřej Komárek (as a guest) during the closing concert.



Trip to Germany

I did a band-coaching workshop for two bands in Germany and I made a stop in Prague to attend a workshop and a concert of the great fiddle player Casey Driessen there.


We did a concert as a part of the band-coaching workshop with Walk The Line and The Moonshine Pickers in Schelklingen, Germany.


Recording my new CD

I made a public statement earlier this year on my blog that I’m going to record a new solo guitar CD using this unique private guitar collection. I recorded the first half of the album this November in Ulm, Germany. Check out my videos to get an idea about what will be there. If you’re interested in having the recording, give me your e-mail address and I’ll let you know when it’s finished.


Visiting Standa Štol

Standa Štol is the builder of one of my guitars and I visited him on my way back from Germany. We talked about guitars and jammed a little bit.




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