Radim Zenkl & Ondra Kozák – Eastern Grass

We are working on our first album with Radim Zenkl! This collection will feature our own compositions, along with a few covers and traditional songs from both sides of the Atlantic, all with distinctive arrangements. We’ll use typical bluegrass instruments, plus a few others, played in the style that has influenced us the most—bluegrass—while weaving … Read more

Interview with Casey Driessen

Casey Driessen *1978 American fiddler, composer, producer and teacher www.caseydriessen.com Casey, you come from a musical family. You’re a father yourself. How did your parents influence you musically and how do you influence your daughter? My dad was playing banjo and pedal steel in bluegrass/western swing bands when I was growing up. I play the … Read more

Advent Concert of the Czech Television – Radim Zenkl & Ondra Kozák

Radim Zenkl & Ondra Kozák – Adventní koncert Vyšehrad 2021

We finished our musical year 2021 with Radim by performing in the 3rd. Advent Concert of Czech Television. We played two pieces from the 18th century – the 1st Goldberg Variation by J.S. Bach and Eleanor Plunkett by the Irish harpist Turlough O’Carolan. You can watch the recording from the Basilica of St. Peter and … Read more

5 Days On The Road, 5 Strings – Way To Go (Sweden 2021)

My relationship with violin went through several phases. It was my first instrument – I imitated my dad’s playing at the age of four. At six I started at the music school and I liked my first teacher because he was strict. When he praised, it meant something. I also had home control and support … Read more

New single: Radim Zenkl & Ondra Kozák 2021

Our new single is out! You can stream it online on Spotify, Apple Music (iTunes), Deezer, or YouTube.  It contains a traditional song in scottish gaelic Hùg Air A’ Bhonaid Mhòir (Celebrate the Big Bonnet) and a medley of two instrumental tunes written by Radim: Twin Peaks / Happygrass. Enojy! If you like our … Read more