Bonaparte’s Retreat

We used to play this Pee Wee King’s song (1950) based on an old-time fiddle tune with the Petr Brandejs Band. Inspired by Mark O’Connor’s version and exploring the ADAE tuning, I arranged it for our upcoming duo with Radimem Zenklem. Before you can hear it live, here is my winter solo version.

When I have time, I shoot pictures

I love photography. It combines art and technical skills, is an everlasting improvement challenge, and takes a lot of time. Just like music. All my photos can be found here and some can be viewed below.   Macro Rychleby Mountains Other

Virtual Band – I ❤️ WESTERN SWING

We are long time friends with Peter Mečiar who helps me with our bluegrass workshops and with the program “Monthly Challenge“. We both also love Western swing. “Make a western swing record with Mečiar” has been on my Plans&Dreams list for a while. I love pedal steel guitar and Peter plays it so great! He … Read more