Lluís Gómez – Dotze temps

A new album by Lluís Gómez on which I play guitar, violin and sing is coming out. Also playing and singing on it are the great Raphaël Maillet, Maribel Rivero, Carol Durán Moreno, Sicus Carbonell Gimenez, Frank Solivan and Nat Torkington. Apart from mixing the album, I managed to sneak in one fiddle+banjo instrumental of … Read more

Lluís Gómez Bluegrass Quartet – pictures from Barcelona and Ireland

Playing in Ireland with a Spanish (Catalan) bluegrass band? With a fiddler from Paris? For a kid from Silesia, it sounded like a fun trip! I ended up having an even better experience during the preparation week in Barcelona, where we rehearsed and played five concerts in beautiful venues. Banjo player Lluís Gómez is one … Read more