Lluís Gómez Bluegrass Quartet – pictures from Barcelona and Ireland

Playing in Ireland with a Spanish (Catalan) bluegrass band? With a fiddler from Paris? For a kid from Silesia, it sounded like a fun trip! I ended up having an even better experience during the preparation week in Barcelona, where we rehearsed and played five concerts in beautiful venues. Banjo player Lluís Gómez is one of the most active musicians on the European bluegrass scene. Along with bassist Maribel Rivero, he’s active in several other projects, and we luckily hit the free dates in the otherwise busy calendar of the violinist Raphaël Maillet. And so the first chapter in the history of the LGBQ (Lluís Gómez Bluegrass Quartet 🙂 ).

Traveling and sharing is one of the reasons I make music. So here are some pictures from my trip to Barcelona and the Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival in Ireland.

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