Lluís Gómez Bluegrass Quartet – pictures from Barcelona and Ireland

Playing in Ireland with a Spanish (Catalan) bluegrass band? With a fiddler from Paris? For a kid from Silesia, it sounded like a fun trip! I ended up having an even better experience during the preparation week in Barcelona, where we rehearsed and played five concerts in beautiful venues. Banjo player Lluís Gómez is one … Read more

Pictures from Scandinavia 2022

In the summer I went north again to my favorite Scandinavia. I explored places, history, and people, played, taught, and filmed. Perhaps the following pictures and videos capture my impressions better than words: Ondra KozákI’m a musician and tutor who likes asking Why? and talking with clever people. Sometimes I write something. You can learn … Read more

5 Days On The Road, 5 Strings – Way To Go (Sweden 2021)

My relationship with violin went through several phases. It was my first instrument – I imitated my dad’s playing at the age of four. At six I started at the music school and I liked my first teacher because he was strict. When he praised, it meant something. I also had home control and support … Read more