Killing Me Softly – another song for my new album

I’m about to record the first part of songs for my upcoming album later this year in Germany. It will present a unique collection of pre-war acoustic guitars I wrote about in this article. Part of the prepared material (solo flatpicking acoustic guitar covers) can be already heard on my music videos page. I started working on … Read more Killing Me Softly – another song for my new album

Eye For An Eye – A Tragic Story By Kim Fox

3 Fox Drive – Listen To The Music is in my “TOP X albums of all time” list. Not because of a hard driving groove or fancy instrumental licks. Although I do like the instrumental part of the recording, the incredibly great sounding lead vocals and harmonies by Fox siblings (Kim, Barb & Joel) will … Read more Eye For An Eye – A Tragic Story By Kim Fox

Walk On Boy – tribute to Doc Watson

Doc Watson is one of the most distinguished guitarists of all times. He’s admired for both his flatpicking and fingerpicking abilities but also as a singer and author. You’ll find almost 1100 recordings in his Allmusic discography! He also arranged a lot of traditional and covers songs in a unique way. In my version of the song … Read more Walk On Boy – tribute to Doc Watson

Homage to David Grier

People are competitive, irrational and subjective creatures. And so are musicians (they are people too). I don’t like foolishness and narrow-mindedness so I try to accept new music with an open mind and to not compete in music, neither to judge it since it’s not a measurable sports discipline. Therefore, you won’t hear me claiming … Read more Homage to David Grier

10 years on YouTube — Foam On The Water

10 years ago I created my YouTube profile. I’ve decided to celebrate by this brand new video recording of my very first own composition. I’m thankful for the opportunity to share my music this way. Feel free to check my other videos out and subscribe for more coming soon.


Grandfather’s Clock

It’s never been my favourite song but now it’s not my wife’s favourite one either  I hope you’ll like it!

Wheel Hoss

It’s been 20 years since the father of Bluegrass Music Bill Monroe passed away. Here’s my cover of one of his beautiful instrumentals.