My New Guitar

Let me show you my new guitar built by Ondra Holoubek. In the video, I talk about materials, finish, tuning, and how the soundport affects the sound of the guitar. Don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles! In the end, you can hear my version of the tune Whiskey Before Breakfast in which I tested the guitar in the range of nearly 4 octaves.

You might ask why I need another guitar. This is a legitimate question and it would especially make sense if asked by my wife (I’m lucky – she didn’t ask!). The answer is that I don’t need it, I just want it. I’ve been very happy with both my dreadnought guitars: Štol D-18 with a cedar top and Martin HD-28V. I made a lot of recordings and videos using them. But since 2012 when I recorded the second volume of our instructional DVD with Ralph Schut using borrowed Holoubek guitar, I’ve had a feeling that mahogany+spruce dreadnought made by Ondra might be the ultimate guitar I need (=want). Now I have it and I’m really enjoying it. The only trouble is I have to let one guitar go. Since Štol is too unique and so close to my heart, I hope that the great Martin guitar will make another player happy just as it made me.

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