Capo comparison

If you play guitar, you must have a capo. Otherwise, you have to learn all 2341 chords that can be played on guitar. It does matter which capo you have so I recorded this video. I compare the following capos in it:

  • Dunlop 83 CN
  • Shubb L4
  • Hlavatý
  • Holoubek
  • Glider GL-1



Well, now I have to apologize for the first paragraph. The truth is that you don’t need to have a capo, nor to know all 2341 chords to be able to play guitar (even though that both helps). I just needed a catchy intro for my blog post because it’s shown in the preview when being shared on social networks. I understand if you feel angry now. But if you can forgive me, it would be great if you can share this article too. And if you’re interested in more tests and comparisons, let me know.

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