Tunefox – A Way To Improvisation

New instructional application for musicians playing on banjo, mandolin and guitar called Tunefox has been launched recently. It is focused on improving improvisation skills using licks in an innovative way. It actually offers several helpful functionalities that make Tunefox a very versatile and powerful tool in my opinion.

The most innovative part – exchangeable licks – is described by Tunefox’s founder Bennet Sullivan in the following video.


Since you can use Tunefox for 7 days for free, I advise to explore its functionality and experiment with various settings to see if it can help you. I’m probably most excited about the possibility to turn off the solo instrument which makes Tunefox a great playalong application for practicing bluegrass standards.

Maybe you wonder why I wrote this article. First: I really find the idea innovative. You can find tons of TABs online and perhaps you possess more of them than you can digest in your life. From my point of view, their main role is to show the approach to playing in general rather than teaching you the particular song. I’m trying to focus on that in my publications, videos and at workshops. And I feel that Tunefox aims directly at this goal. And second: The content of Tunefox is partly my work. I wrote most of the TABs for mandolin and guitar (100+75 songs) so Tunefox is my current answer to people who show interest in having my lick collection.

Whether you will be accompanied by publications, videos, workshops or Tunefox on your musical way, don’t forget that they all are ment to be just tools, not toys. And none of them should push you more that the joy from music you create. I wish us all good luck with that!

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  1. Ahoj Ondro.
    Díky za E-mail. Je to super.
    Měl bych zájem o Tunefox. Dej mě prosím zprávu komu a kolik bych měl zaplatit.
    Těším se Oščadnicu a pokud se vlezu, tak i na listopadový Rejvíz.
    Ahoj Standa.


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