ATAmusic workshops in 2017

The first idea about ATAmusic was to create a virtual place for sharing information regarding playing and learning to play an instrument. It’s been shown up that there is a strong potential of real events for gathering people interested in studying music. They can meet and absorb information and experiences by all their senses. Thus, under the heading of ATAmusic I organize these workshops in the Czech and Slovak Republics this year. (The pages are mostly in Czech language but feel free to use a translator or ask any question via email. Foreign participants are welcome!!!)

• Zlatohorská hudební horečka (5.-8.5.) – guitar, mandolin, dobro, bass

• Jesenický Shuffle (19.-21.5.) – fiddle, banjo

• Bluegrass Wellness (16.-20.7. a 6.-10.8.) – individual and group lessons combined with wellness acitivities in the beautiful Slovak mountains.

• Gillova vokální dílna (22.-24.9.) – workshop focused on singing technique, harmony vocals, ear training

• Bluegrass Vegas (16.-19.11.) – workshop focused on playing in a band and stage presentation


You can apply now for the first three mentioned events on or by contacting me. I’ll be happy to provide you with details and all necessary information.

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