Welcome to the website dedicated to musical instrument cases built in my workshop. I’m currently offering guitar cases previously known as “Black Anne”. I bought this technology in 2016 and made a few improvements towards better protection of the instrument, durability and convenience. As an active musician, I’ve been using several instrument cases for many years and I have learned of many shortcomings of most mid-price (100-400 €) cases. Therefore, I’m not offering cases which I would personally hesitate to use. You can expect the following key features of ATAcases products:

  • sealed interior – protection against condensed humidity and rapid changes in air humidity
  • multiple support of the body and neck and rubber feet – protection against shock
  • rigid and shape-stable material – protection against load
  • thermostatic material – protection against rapid temperature changes
  • mechanical resistance – long durability
  • customized interior padding – soft, yet tight placement
  • low weigth
  • comfortable ergonomics for carrying in hand or on the shoulder


Besides these features, you can expect:

  • compact size
  • space for a songbook, notebook or tablet under the guitar body (not interfering the space for the guitar)
  • compartment for accessories
  • lockability
  • strap for carrying the case on the shoulder


Case types

Currently I’m offering large body and small body guitar cases for various guitar types including Dreadnought, Jumbo, OM, classical guitar, Dobro, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul, Gibson L-00 and other similar guitar types. If your guitar has atypical dimensions or features, it is necessary first to discuss the ability of our technology to meet your requirements. The current availability of interior fabric colors is specified in the next section. 


Details, materials



Standard price for a guitar case is 170 € (handling and shipping not included). The payment is possible by bank transfer or PayPal invoice (using your PayPal balance or your credit card).

Delivery time

Standard delivery time is 2 weeks from the confirmation of your order by us (it may take a little bit more time depending on the shipping process). Exact dimensions of your instrument have to be provided before we confirm your order.

Cases in stock

These cases are currently available in stock:

  • 3x case for acoustic guitar “Dreadnought”. Please contact me for more info, photos and prices.