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  • Would you like to have a tab/sheet music transcription of your favourite solo, rhythm pattern, bass line, melody or a lick?
  • Do you need to build up a solo or backup for some song?
  • Do you need to simplify certain solo or make it rather fancier?
  • Do you need a help with fingering or technique?
  • Would you like to have supporting slow-tempo video/mp3?
  • Do you need your harmony vocals arranged?

Feel free to contact me regarding your request! I’ll be happy to send you samples of my previous work.


original tabs and scores


music transcriptions upon request


Have had 5 groups of bass transcription requests completed with Ondra, with all being completed fast as well as 100% accurate! If there were any questions about any of the bass transcriptions, I got a prompt response with no hassles or issues dealing with them. Am now on the next set of bass transcriptions, and are moving along nicely in a very positive direction! Have had over 40 bass transcriptions completed with an affordable price and a very readable and usable bass score created! Thanks again.    

Sherry Beaudoin, MI, USA

Finished music transcriptions and original sheet music:

  • 300 tabs for TuneFox app (+ alternative licks)
  • 17 tabs for fiddle tunes in ATAmusic tutorial videos
  • more than 15 tabs upon request for various bluegrass songs
Bass guitar
  • more than 60 transcriptions upon request for songs from various genres (rock, pop, soul, heavy metal)