The story of Overtones – 12 Songs • 12 Vintage Guitars

The life of a freelance musician brings me long periods of work and short moments of relaxation and joy of achieving the goal. I am currently experiencing the second phase. The guitar album I’ve been preparing for the past year and a half has just been released. Its concept is described in the article published at the time when I was launching a crowdfunding campaign to support the project. The campaign was successful and the album is already available as a CD with an extensive booklet. In addition to the album, there is also a book with guitar TABs for all the songs.

Ondra Kozák – Overtones

Songs and guitars on the album:

  1. Whiskey Before Breakfast (traditional) | Maurer 16″, Larson Brothers · 1935
  2. Grandfather’s Clock (Henry Clay Work) | Gibson Nick-Lucas-Special · 1926
  3. Killing Me Softly with His Song (Charles Fox, Norman Gimbel) | Martin OM-18 · 1930
  4. Welcome, Milady! (Ondra Kozák) | Washburn “New Model” Style 305 · ca. 1890
  5. Wildwood Flower (Joseph Philbrick Webster) | Martin D-12-35 · 1968
  6. Fire on the Mountain (traditional) | Gibson Southern Jumbo · 1944
  7. Homage to David Grier [Engagement Waltz, Eye of the Hurricane] (David Grier) | Martin 000-28 · 1938
  8. Me and His Guitar (Ondra Kozák) | Martin 00-18 H sb · 1940
  9. La fille aux cheveux de lin (Claude Debussy) | Gibson L-0 black · 1942
  10. Homage to Michal Vavro [Acoustic Colours, Streamer, Industrie, Gracias a Tý] (Michal Vavro) | Martin D-18 · 1937
  11. Wheel Hoss (Bill Monroe) | Martin D-28 · 1944
  12.  Alone in Eden (Ondra Kozák) | Martin 2-21 · 1889

CD, booklet a TAB

What does “make a record” mean

Solo flatpicking guitar has always been a big challenge for me and it gives a lot of room for arranging music. I started to prepare the songs at the end of 2017 and the first half of them was recorded in Ulm, Germany in November 2018. The second part was recorded in April 2019. Most of the pictures for the booklet were shot at that time and since then, I have filmed all stages of the project realization. During the 45-day-long crowdfunding campaign which ended in mid-June 2019, we worked with Slávka Franclíková on the graphic design of the cover, booklet, and TAB book. I edited and mixed the audio, wrote the texts and finalized the TABs (I had written most of the songs before I recorded them but all TABs had to be corrected according to the resulting recording), prepared videos and other news for the campaign and rewards for contributors. The successful campaign brought me not only the funds needed for finishing the project but also a hard-to-describe feeling you have when your work is of interest to someone. I greatly appreciate this interest because it is much more real than a LIKE on a social network (even though I am pleased and energized by them as well!).



The project would never have been possible without two people – my friend Ludvík who was my host during the recording in Ulm and who introduced me to a friend of him who owns an invaluable collection of vintage instruments and who – for obvious reasons – wants to stay anonymous. Thanks to his generosity and enthusiasm (he is a musician and a luthier himself), I could record the album in the calm of his house and use his photos in the booklet. Furthermore, my great thanks go to

  • Slávka Franclíková for the great work on the graphic design
  • Lee Bidgood for proofreading the English versions of all texts (except from the one you are reading now 🙂 )
  • all 113 crowdfunding contributors who trusted me and purchased something that only was in a raw shape in my head and on my hard drive at that moment
  • my wife Marta for helping with the preparation of rewards and for her patience (when I am present but my thoughts are not)


Teasers from the album and booklet:


Order the album
Order the TAB book


Because I am a curious person, I wonder if you like the teasers or the album (if you already have one). I’d appreciate your feedback in the comments below. Thank you!

8 thoughts on “The story of Overtones – 12 Songs • 12 Vintage Guitars”

  1. This is wonderful…so nicely played, and so very interesting with the contrasting instruments. I was especially drawn to the 12-string tune as my first Martin was a D-12-35 from around ‘68, And as many say…’wish I’d have kept it.

    Thank you…and I’ll see if I can follow the thread to purchase the recording and book.


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