Overtones – 12 Songs • 12 Vintage Guitars

The life of a freelance musician brings me long periods of work and short moments of relaxation and joy of achieving the goal. I am currently experiencing the second phase. The guitar album I’ve been preparing for the past year and a half has just been released. Its concept is described in the article published … Read moreOvertones – 12 Songs • 12 Vintage Guitars

CD Overtones: Photos, info and TAB for each song and guitar

Overtones booklet

My project Overtones – 12 Songs • 12 Vintage Guitars is not just about music. You will find photos and information on every song and guitar in the booklet. If you play guitar, you can even learn the songs from a TAB book. The graphic material is designed by Slávka Franclíková (by the way, a … Read moreCD Overtones: Photos, info and TAB for each song and guitar

Teasers from the album “Overtones”

I’m working hard on my upcoming album Overtones – 12 Songs • 12 Vintage Guitars and you can listen to a few teasers from it here. The campaign is in its half and I’d like to thank all backers who have supported the project so far. Until June 13th, you can pre-order the signed album … Read moreTeasers from the album “Overtones”

TEASER from “Overtones – 12 Songs & 12 Vintage Guitars”

You can suggest the title for this song until the end of May 2019 if you decide to crowdfund this project. All the rewards you can get for your support can be found at http://ondrakozak.com/en/overtones. Some of them are available exclusively through the crowdfunding campaign like the video documentary from behind the scenes (excerpts in … Read moreTEASER from “Overtones – 12 Songs & 12 Vintage Guitars”

Help me crowdfund my new album

In the beginning, there was an enchantment and a bold idea. In 2017, I became friends with a gentleman from Germany who owns a collection of old instruments. He is a musician and luthier too so the uniqueness of the collection is also in the great playability of all guitars.  I’ve never been a gear … Read moreHelp me crowdfund my new album

As a guest on Mandolin Mondays

Mandolinist David Benedict (Mile Twelve) runs the series Mandolin Mondays that presents solo mandolin music from all around the world. It was an honor to accept the invitation to episode #173 to play one tune of mine. Ondra KozákI’m a musician who likes thinking about things around and talking with clever people. Sometimes I write … Read moreAs a guest on Mandolin Mondays

New album out: New Aliquot – It Takes Time

New album of my band New Aliquot has just been released. It contains 12 songs (half of it is original music) and it was recorded mostly in my Studio Ataman. You can listen to the full album medley below.     As you might guess, we love experimenting. Therefore, I arranged one classical piece written … Read moreNew album out: New Aliquot – It Takes Time

My November 2018

I’ve heard that November is a good month for musicians. I certainly enjoyed it. Here are a few videos and photos from it.   1st bluegrass workshop in South Bohemia I organized the first bluegrass workshop in South Bohemia. Ralph Schut helped me a lot with teaching. 30 people attended this event and we’re about to … Read moreMy November 2018

Bits ‘n Pieces available online

The album Ondra Kozák & Ralph Schut – Bits ‘n Pieces is now available for online listening. We released the album earlier this year and played several gigs both in the Czech Republic and Germany to promote it. You can now listen to it on several streaming services: Spotify iTunes Deezer Google Play The full CD … Read moreBits ‘n Pieces available online

Fire On The Mountain – flatpicking from a new perspective

The second week in October we went on tour with Ralph Schut to promote our new album Bits ‘n Pieces. On our way through Germany, we visited my friend who owns a unique collection of acoustic guitars. About a year ago, I decided to record a guitar album using these beauties. Next month I’m about to record the first … Read moreFire On The Mountain – flatpicking from a new perspective

Life Hacks For Musicians

  Three types of musicians   The world is evolving fast and we as musicians can use the modern technologies to our benefit for sure. Some people refuse them and this approach is certainly good for not being distracted from playing. Others don’t mind being distracted and they love comparing parameters and watching video reviews … Read moreLife Hacks For Musicians