Photos from Folklorní kosení (Folklore Scything)

On Saturday 21st of July, I still felt very sleepy after our Bluegrass Wellness workshop. But I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit an exceptional event held close to my home – “Folklorní kosení”. I like scything but I love taking photos much more. So I went a took a few pictures. You can enjoy … Read morePhotos from Folklorní kosení (Folklore Scything)

Homage to David Grier

People are competitive, irrational and subjective creatures. And so are musicians (they are people too). I don’t like foolishness and narrow-mindedness so I try to accept new music with an open mind and to not compete in music, neither to judge it since it’s not a measurable sports discipline. Therefore, you won’t hear me claiming … Read moreHomage to David Grier

3 minute solo concert from close-up

I love performing with my bands, no matter if we play bluegrass, folk, Irish or jazz. Besides that, there’s another discipline I’ve enjoyed very much recently – solo concerts. They require much more musical effort but also bring a lot of freedom. To feel less lonely on stage (and to exasperate purists) I use a looper … Read more3 minute solo concert from close-up

Tunefox – A Way To Improvisation

New instructional application for musicians playing on banjo, mandolin and guitar called Tunefox has been launched recently. It is focused on improving improvisation skills using licks in an innovative way. It actually offers several helpful functionalities that make Tunefox a very versatile and powerful tool in my opinion. The most innovative part – exchangeable licks – is … Read moreTunefox – A Way To Improvisation

In The Guitar Paradise
How I decided to record my second solo album.

In the fall 2017, I did a private workshop for two bands in Ehingen, Germany. On my way back, I stopped by my friend Ludvík who introduced me to his friend Florian. We came to Florian’s house on Sunday evening to see his guitar collection. Ludvík raved about it but since I’m not a “guitar … Read moreIn The Guitar Paradise
How I decided to record my second solo album.